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Mastering the Art of Mindful Living Retreat – April 2017

Eventbrite - The Art of Mindful Living Retreat - January 2016

mastering the art of mindful livingEmbark on a journey – a 5-day ‘immersion’ mindfulness retreat where you will put a stake in the ground for who you are and what you truly want for your life.

At the ‘Mastering the Art of Mindful Living’ retreat you will reconnect with your ultimate purpose and ignite a new sense of meaning and passion for life. You won’t just rediscover who you are at the deepest level, you will also become clear on how you want to express your deepest self in thoughts, words and actions in day-to-day life back home.

Emerge with renewed clarity, focus and strength – a sense of confidence that you can stand in your own truth, no matter what life throws at you. You’ll have a grounded-ness and solidity in who you are and what matters.

bigstock-Happy-woman-looking-away-while-48554024What you’ll be discovering is nothing less than the art of fulfillment, which is the art of knowing yourself and being yourself fully.

“When the way you think, speak and behave resonate with your own deepest nature, life feels very good — you feel whole, content, in your power. But when these don’t align with your deepest nature, then things feel… wrong. Life feels uneasy. You feel out of touch, discontented, restless, unhappy.” – Melli O’Brien

“Mindfulness is being in touch with your own deepest human nature and letting if ‘flow’ out of you unimpeded.” – Jon Kabat-Zinn

You Will Discover…

• How to master the art of fulfillment by learning to understand it’s true causes and conditions, what holds us back from it and how to live and breathe it as a way of being.

• Simple but powerful mindfulness practices to help you respond from conscious choice rather than react from old conditioning – shifting you from autopilot living into conscious living.

• A clear and deep understanding  of what thoughts, feelings  and behaviors are holding you back  from fulfillment and how to ‘untangle’ from them.Exif_JPEG_PICTURE

• How most people’s unconscious assumptions about where fulfillment comes from is the very thing that keeps them from it.

• How to elicit what is most meaningful to you – your deepest values and what they mean for your life.

• How to create a life shaped by your deepest values – a life of fulfillment. You’ll leave with a ‘game plan’ for change when you go home.

• How to work skilfully and compassionately with difficult emotions and thoughts and other obstacles that may arise on your path to mindful living.

• What ‘primal fears’ are and how to work with fear skilfully and compassionately so you can live a full, rich and meaningful life.

• How to reclaim the innate peace, wholeness and wisdom that are your birthright.

“When we feel out of touch with the deepest and truest part of ourselves, it’s all too common to fall into just following societal norms and values (which are often very different from our own) or we submit to doing what our loved ones want us to do (often in an attempt to get  them to like or approve of us) instead of being who we are and doing what we really want to do. The art of fulfillment means reclaiming ourselves and living from a place of integrity to who we are.” – Melli O’Brien

“The most common regret of the dying is ‘I wish Id had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.'” – Bronnie Ware, Palliative care nurse

You will also experience…

• Daily yoga and meditation practice
• A variety of other mindfulness practices such as karma yoga, mindful walking and more
• Periods of silence to deepen practice
• Delicious vegetarian food
• Connecting with a community of like-minded people
• Time to relax and reflect in the beautiful gardens and forest of the ashram

relaxing at mangrove

The benefits you’ll walk away with are…

• You’ll gain a new sense of inner strength  and confidence – After reconnecting with yourself and learning how to work with fear you’ll know how to stand firmly in your own ‘truth.’

• You’ll feel more fulfilled and whole – After learning the art of fulfillment – it’s true causes and conditions, you’ll feel an inner ease and a passion for life that ‘gets into your bones’ and prevails, even in this busy stressful world we live in.

• You’ll gain greater physical and psychological well-being

 You’ll be kinder to yourself and feel more at home in your skin – After gaining skills in self-compassion, your inner world will be a kinder, more loving place that will ripple out to everyone you know and everyone you meet.

meditateinnature You’ll have greater courage and metal resilience – Learning to work skilfully with difficult emotions and impulses will give you a new sense of inner freedom.

• You’ll have all the tools and support you need to establish a new way of being when you go back home – As part of the course, you’ll receive a workbook and also a double CD of mindfulness meditations to take home with you. You’ll also have a clear ‘game plan’ of how to integrate what you learn on retreat in your life back home.

• You’ll emerge feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and armed with powerful new insights to take back into your daily life.

• You’ll contribute more to the world – After aligning with your values and discovering your own unique way to serve the world, you’ll naturally become a ‘change agent.’

“In a world where being stressed, anxious, depressed and unhealthy is the norm, we need to  do something different to take control of our lives again. If we keep doing what the masses are doing, we get the same result.” 
―Melli O’Brien

The Venuemangrove reception

The retreat is held at the Mangrove Mountain ashram which is conveniently located only 90 mins north of Sydney. For the past 25 years the ashram has promoted sustainable, simple and mindful living through both its courses for the public and by its own example.

It’s one of those places with a really special vibe. It’s an oasis of peace, surrounded by beautiful forests and majestic cliffs.

Here you can enjoy bushwalks and kayaking in between sessions, or simply relax in the garden or library.mangrove kayak

Accommodations are simple, clean and usually shared. If you prefer camping or a single/double room those options are also available (full details below). Delicious, healthy vegetarian food will be provided.


Retreat Facilitator

Melli O’Brien is an internationally-accredited meditation and yoga teacher who specializes in ‘immersion’ mindfulness retreats. Known for her down-to-earth, engaging and authentic teaching, she has guided thousands of people through her popular retreats and courses.

Melli was selected by the Mangrove Mountain Ashram (the largest ashram in the southern hemisphere) to teach mindfulness retreats.

Her passion is demystifying and simplifying the world’s wisdom teachings and making them accessible and practical for everyday people.

Melli is also the co-founder and host of The Mindfulness Summit, the world’s largest mindfulness conference, which was attended by 250,000 people when it launched online in 2015. The summit  is a not-for-profit project with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream and so far has raised over 1 million dollars for mindfulness-based charities around the world.

You can read more about Melli here

What others are saying about ‘The Art of Mindful Living Retreat’

“Thank you Melli for your amazing retreat. I have loved soaking up your wisdom and I found myself continuously nodding, acknowledging and learning. This exceeded my expectations. I thought I would relax and learn a few things but this has been life-changing”

– Carol Boman

“What did I enjoy the most about this weekend? The mindfulness sessions with Mellissa. She makes it so fascinating and keeps you constantly engaged. I’m looking forward to follow up sessions”

– Jeremy Mohamed

“It is one thing to talk eloquently on the subject of mindfulness and it is another thing to actually practice mindfulness. Melli is one of those select few who walks her talk.”

-Swami Kriyatma Saraswati

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Eventbrite - The Art of Mindful Living Retreat - January 2016

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