This 4-minute video – a conversation between Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle gives some really fantastic advice for bringing mini meditations into your day.

I always teach that meditation is not just a technique that you do on a cushion for 15 or 45 minutes per day, but can become a new way of life. These 2 great teachers agree with me on this and both have some wonderful advice for us on how to integrate mindfulness into our daily living.

Eckhart says “If you have a formal meditation period, that’s wonderful, but In addition I always recommend mini mediations throughout the day which could be a simple thing as taking 2 or 3 conscious breaths while you’re waiting for the elevator.

Or do something consciously with full attention that usually you do unconsciously. Something, anything that is usually a means to an end, make it into an end in itself.

When washing your hands be totally present. Walking down a few steps, be totally present rather than needing to get to the bottom, be there in every step. So little mini meditations gradually help you to dis-identify from the movement of thought.” 

Deepak had a different approach –  a formula to remember. One that can bring us back to ourselves and to the present moment. I like it. It’s easy to remember and a potent way to re-connect with ourselves in those times when we need it most.

He says…

“For those of you who like formulas, here’s one: STOP. It’s an acronym.

S stands for stop.
T stands for take 3 deep breaths
O stands for observe. Observe your body and emotions. 
P stands for proceed with love and kindness.”

I believe these techniques will help you to bring more awareness and therefore more happiness, love and well-being into your life.

Why not give them a try (and let me know how you go!)

If you have your own mini-meditation techniques share your wisdom and experience with us in the comments section below.

With warmth,


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