Hi and welcome! I’m Melli

I’m a writer, speaker, mindfulness teacher and the co-founder and host of Mindfulness.com.

I’m also the co-founder and host of The Mindfulness Summit, the world’s largest mindfulness conference. The summit is a not-for-profit project which has so far raised over $750,000 for mindfulness based charities around the world.

My own passion for teaching and sharing mindfulness stems from my first-hand experience of overcoming depression and an eating disorder after learning mindfulness at the age of seventeen. Now I dedicate my time to helping people become mentally strong by sharing the tools that transformed my own world from the inside out.

For more than a decade I’ve taught mindfulness to thousands of people both online and in person, as well as in companies and organisations and at conferences and retreats. And it never ceases to amaze and delight me the power mindfulness has to ease our stress and anxiety and awaken us to our strength and potential.

So That’s a Bit About Me, What About You? What Brings You Here?

Maybe you’ve arrived here because you’re dealing with some of the challenges that come with living in this fast paced, uncertain and ever changing world. Perhaps you are feeling stressed, anxious or just not feeling good about yourself? Or maybe your mind is racing or you aren’t sleeping well.

Whatever brings you here, I want you to know one thing: No matter where you are at, you can train your mind to be stronger, happier, more peaceful, and you can learn to live a more meaningful life in the middle of it all.

Developing a Core of Calm, Confidence and Inner Strength

Through practicing mindfulness you’ll develop many new skills, like how to unwind stress, how to become less reactive and how to break free from bad habits. 

It also helps you become a more compassionate, authentic and lighthearted person. Over time you can develop an unshakable core of calm, confidence and inner strength that stays with you no matter what life throws your way.

How I Can Serve You

I’d love to support you in developing presence, purpose and mental strength in any way I can. I write a weekly newsletter and blog post called ‘this week’s invitation’ which has a readership of over 150,000 people and gives you a mindfulness practice or focus for the week ahead. You can join up for that here.

You can also check out my upcoming events here and you can find all of my meditations, talks and a growing collection of courses on the Mindfulness.com app. You can also receive daily coaching and meditations from me and my co-cost Cory Muscara on the app.

If you’d like to try mindfulness right now for free I recommend a great place to start is my 7 Days of Mindfulness Course.

If you’d like to connect on socials you can find me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I’ll be throwing you some inspiration and helpful tips to sprinkle through your days and weeks to help you live a more mindful and meaningful life.

I hope you find these resources a source of comfort, upliftment and inner strength and wishing you happiness and wellbeing in the adventure of your life to come.

Melli x


I speak at conferences and in organisations about mindfulness and mental strength. What I specialise in though, is teaching meditation and mindful living through ‘immersion’ retreats.

As a professionally trained speaker plus being an internationally accredited meditation, mindfulness and yoga teacher (more of my credentials below), I have a unique blend of skills to draw upon to make these retreats or events one-of-a-kind.

I also love doing creative media projects like this mini-series I did for ABC TV

If you are interested in working with me let’s get in touch.

**As of 2020 much of my capacity is taken up as the co-host and co-founder of mindfulness.com so I am only able to take a small handful of other opportunities. Nevertheless please do still get in touch. If I cannot help you directly I can connect you to some incredibly talented and genuine colleagues who will be able to help you.


What people are saying

“It is one thing to talk eloquently on the subject of mindfulness and it is another thing to actually practice mindfulness. Melli is one of those select few who walks her talk.”


Mangrove Mountain, Australia

“I am enthralled when I listen to Mellissa teach because there is a delightful mixture of gentleness and incredible power that comes through her message. She has intelligent ideas, a strength of experience, and a driving passion to help the world in an area that is most neglected – the mind. If we tuned in to her message, we would make profound changes in our lives. She is a voice that must be heard.”

Charmaine Burke

Sydney, Australia

“My weekend with Mellissa, learning the keys to mindfulness, was such a treat! Melli has a calm and confidence that allows her to share her passion and knowledge in a way that is inspiring and everlasting. She is organised yet relaxed, and the techniques I bought home with me have given me confidence to manage everyday challenges as a new mother and bring a new found balance to work and enjoying the magical moments that is my life.”

Kathleen Moore

Brisbane, Australia

“Thank you for giving me the ability to have more peace, more understanding of what it means to be fulfilled and happy. Through cultivating mindfulness, I have learnt to manage my anxiety and enjoy life so much more.”

Richard Cowell

Sydney, Australia

This is how i can help

Join ME On a

Take some time out of your life to reconnect, relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful location near Sydney, Melbourne or Byron Bay. Emerge feeling inspired empowered and armed with new skills and insights that will last a lifetime.

Hire ME for a workshop

Would you and your team like to learn how to unwind stress and anxiety and become more calm, connected and mentally strong? Let’s chat about a custom made workshop to bring out the passion, potential and peak performance that mindfulness can  offer.

Have Me Speak at your next event

My areas of passion are speaking about overcoming negative thinking, becoming mentally strong and mindfulness. If you’d like to connect and chat about me speaking for you at an event or conference, let’s get in touch.


Melli is an accredited meditation and yoga teacher. She completed a two year full time meditation and yoga teaching degree (Diploma of Yogic Studies) with Mangrove Yoga Academy Australia.

Melli is also an accredited Breathworks mindfulness teacher giving her specializations in teaching mindfulness for stress and chronic pain.

She Has Also Completed

Level 1 training in mindfulness based interventions with MTIA (Mindfulness Institute of Australia)

ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy) Introductory training

MSC (Mindful Self Compassion) training intensive for professionals with MindfulPath

Completed Foundations Trainings 1 and 2 of Compassionate Communication