Awakening Out of Anxiety

I’m driving along the city streets at night.  It’s late but I feel alert because I’ve just come from a meditation class.

Suddenly the car in the lane next to me starts to merge into my lane.  In two seconds we’re heading for a collision.

Adrenaline floods my body – I look, I swerve, he realizes my car is there, corrects his mistake and drives on.

We’re okay but as I continue to drive on, my mind performs an incredible manoeuvre.

It plays out the whole scene again, only this time we do crash … horrifically, in fact.

In 60 seconds my mind plays out this fictional crash in full detail.  Want to hear the ending?  I end up in hospital, bloody, with a broken jaw, crying. (Just a smidge of drama!  And my mind played all that out in one minute!)

As this scene played out in my mind, my body became extremely tense in response and I started to feel anxious – almost panicky.

But then the most wonderful thing happened.  I woke up.

In one second, I stepped out of  the nightmarish mental movie and into the silent spacious awareness that is prior to all thoughts and emotions.

I was lucid.

I was liberated.

As soon as I saw that it was all just a mind-made fantasy and I was free.  I let go of all tension in my body, took a deep slow conscious breath – in and out, and then I smiled.

I smiled a genuine, spontaneous, lovely smile – because I was free.

All that anxiety dissolved in a heartbeat.

All that was left was my natural state of peace.

I enjoyed the rest of my drive home.

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