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Seeing Our Behavioural Blind Spots

This week's invitation is a juicy one. It’s the invitation to notice our behavioural blind spots. I think one of the things many of us find difficult when it comes to living with awareness is seeing the areas where we are stuck in our own patterns, our own neurosis,...

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Unlocking the Gift of Impermanence

If we want to live fully, it is wise to keep an awareness of impermanence and death by our side. By seeing deeply into the fleeting nature of life, we naturally feel an enormous sense of appreciation for what we have. We don’t take things, or people, for granted any...

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When Love Is the Foundation

We don’t often talk about love when we talk about mindfulness, but in fact love is such an integral aspect of awareness that the two cannot be separated. Spiritual teacher Ram Dass therefore rarely uses the word awareness on its own. He calls it ‘loving awareness’....

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Switching Self-Improvement to Self-Love

So often in life we become quite fixated on the idea of improving ourselves. And I think when people first come to mindfulness they have this idea that this is what mindfulness is all about - making ourselves better. But mindfulness is not so much about improving,...

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Pivot Towards Purpose

Today I’m going to share a mindfulness micro-practice I call the ‘pivot towards purpose’. So just to begin with I invite you to ponder how your own values come to life each day. Maybe you value compassion and that means you always make a point to check in on your...

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Swami Kriyatma

“It is one thing to talk eloquently on the subject of mindfulness and it is another thing to actually practice mindfulness. Melli is one of those select few who walks her talk.”

Swami Kriyatma – Mangrove Mountain, Australia

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