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The Mindfulness Summit

Melli O’Brien has gathered 31 of the leading teachers, researchers and experts on mindfulness from around the world for the world’s first online mindfulness summit. The summit is a free online event that will be held 1st to 31st October.

Watch and listen to the wisdom of Tara Brach, Ruby Wax, Joseph Goldstein, Professor Mark Williams, Dr. Rick Hanson, Dr. Daniel Siegel, Professor Paul Gilbert, Tami Simon, Elisha Goldstein and Vidyamala Burch, to name a few. Enjoy being led in meditation by the world’s best teachers, all from the comfort of your own home

To register you free place at the summit now go to http://themindfulnesssummit.com


What You Will Learn At The Summit

1. Learn how to practice mindfulness from the comfort of your own home, for free.

2. Learn how mindfulness can transform anxiety, depression and stress.

3. Discover the clinically proven benefits of from neuroscience and premier researchers.

4. Try out various mindfulness practices and find out which you like best.

5. Learn powerful strategies to integrate mindfulness into your daily life.

6. Learn how to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to life’s challenges, living with more wisdom and freedom.

7. Discover practical ways to apply mindfulness in specific situations such as at work, in relationships, in parenting, in school.

8. Learn key insights to deepen your practice and avoid common pitfalls many people make.

Click here to register your place at the summit for free.

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