This is the Magnolia tree by my front door. It is one of my favourite things about winter here in Australia (yep, I’m back in Oz). Every time I go out my door it’s the first thing I see. Not only is it a beautiful tree but it’s nature teaches me a valuable and timely lesson too.

Sometimes the most beautiful things bloom in the depths of winter when you would least expect it.

Like the beautiful flowers of the magnolia, we too often begin to blossom with new possibilities, new insights and greater awareness in the midst of the winters of our lives – the challenging times, the uncertain times, the times when we suffer or feel lost.

How to flower with insight in the winters of our lives

Suffering and challenge, although painful are also often transformative.

These times make us question things, they shake us up and often wake us up… but it’s often a very delicate time too, so if we want to be able to flower with new insights, wisdom and personal growth instead of withering in the face of hardship, we need to meet our suffering with self compassion, awareness, gentleness and courage.

The most important habit to help you come through stronger

Probably the most important thing we can do to stay strong during these hard times is to keep caring for ourselves, and thereby galvanising our inner strength, by doing the things that nourish us.

Keep taking care of your body and mind, keep connecting with loved ones, keep meditating and doing things you love where possible. If you can do that you can trust that in time you will bloom with new levels of awareness, wisdom and inner strength.

Wishing you courage, compassion and ease in the days to come, Melli ❤️

PS. If you’d like a bit more support through these difficult times, you can get short (2-4 minute) daily wisdom teachings and guided meditations from me and my co-host, Cory Muscara on the app. You can take a free trial here.

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