The Mindful In May 1 Month Challenge

In this fast paced world of multitasking and hyper-connectivity taking a pause is a radical act.

This May I am pausing by taking part in the one month guided mindfulness meditation challenge.

I’d love you to join my team or sponsor me as this challenge will raise money to transform the lives of the one in nine people in the developing world who struggle on a daily basis to access clean, safe drinking water.

While those of us that are participating learn to meditate and be more mindful, our donations and fundraising will ripple across the world, improving the lives of thousands of people affected by the global water crisis.

Join me in making a difference in the world this May. Sponsor my challenge or join my meditation team and take the challenge with me!

Will you help me hit my mega goal of $10,000? Every dollar raised in this campaign, Matty and I will match it! So go on, make us pay up!! Can we make it to $20,000 team?

Hell yeah!

You get lots of support and encouragement along the way from both the ‘Mindful in May’ website and from me.

I will be doing free weekly google hangouts exclusively for my team so you’ll get extra meditation guidance and free tips along the way.

So come aboard mindful mates! Click here to join us on this transformational journey! Clear mind for you, clean water for others.

I’m looking forward to our shared journey together : )

Love Melli

p.s Want to really kickstart your challenge? Come and join me for 3 days of full immersion at the ‘Art of Mindful Living’ retreat 24-27th April

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