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As my gift to you, please find below your six free guided meditation audios. Please click the button below and your download will start. If the audio file doesn’t automatically download upon clicking the link, you can download the meditation audio by right clicking your mouse on the link below and choosing “Save As…” from the menu. Enjoy!

Mindfulness of Body and Breath (20 mins)

This Mindfulness of Body and Breath Meditation is perfect for daily practice. Here, you’ll become fully alive to the present moment using the sensations of body and breathing as a method of cultivating mindful awareness.

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A Few Minutes of Mindfulness (6 mins) 

This short meditation is a powerful tool for infusing little mindful breaks into your busy day. Download it and keep it handy. Use it any time you need a refreshing and rejuvenating ‘check in’ throughout the day.

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Yoga Nidra Meditation (20 mins) 

This Yoga Nidra or “yogic sleep” meditation is a guided imagery and full-body scan practice that induces relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. This practice is a powerful tool for nurturing awareness and is best practised before bed or in place of an afternoon nap.

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Head-Heart-Gut Check In Meditation (5 mins)

This meditation helps tap into the intelligence, wisdom and intuition of your three brains (the head, heart and gut) to make better decisions and stay more in touch with what really matters. Any time you’re at a decision point you can use this mini-meditation to respond (and not react) to what is arising with wisdom and intelligence, making more mindful choices leading to a fuller happier more authentic life.

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Values and Breath Meditation (13 mins) 

This powerful breath meditation will help you gather your awareness into the present moment and guide you through reciting your values in the form of vows or prayers, priming your mind for what matters most. Download and use it as a daily support to steering your true north and at times when you feel lost, disconnected or stressed.

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Self-Compassion Meditation (10 mins)

During this meditation you will be guided through the four-step compassion break meditation to cultivating this kind of mindful self-compassion so when you’re hurting you can find connection and soothing. Download it to have with you whenever you have a situation in your life that is challenging, painful or causing you distress.

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  1. An inspiring, uplifting and life changing experience after completing the mindfulness retreat with Melli over this long weekend in Melbourne. By being aware of my thoughts and how easily they had take over my life. Tools provided by Melli have allowed me to put into practice a lifestyle change of being present in the moment allowing me to accept life situations & people as they are “It is what is” and not living by conditioning & judgemental thoughts!! I now live my life in the moment of happiness and contentment replacing suffering & disharmony.
    Thank you Melli xox

    • Hey Tracey! Thanks for your comment. I am so glad the retreat has been beneficial for you and I hope to see you again at one of the follow up ‘weekends of mindfulness’ some time.

      Take care my freind

  2. paul murphy says:

    Thank you, Just downloaded the few minutes of mindfulness, it was lovely.

  3. I saw ‘Yoga Nidra’ somewhere as an audio, but can’t find it now. where is it?

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