MIM yoga (Meditation in Motion)

Dive deep into presence with MIM yoga. An MIM yoga class is designed to synchronize body and mind in the present moment. The entire class is experienced as a moving meditation.

Although classic hatha yoga postures are used, the emphasis in this class is on remaining fully present, embodying the practice of mindfulness in each and every moment.

An MIM yoga class is, physically, a gentle to medium strength class. Each class begins with asana (yoga postures), then pranayama (breathing practices) and ends with a sitting meditation – thus allowing the practitioner to move into deeper, more subtle states of awareness as the class progresses. Experiential mindfulness training is woven into to each class, which serves to cultivate and strengthen awareness.

The instructions may be only verbal or with very little demonstration. This gives the practitioner an opportunity to internalize awareness and stay attentive to their state of being. If you’d like to attend an MIM yoga class, check here for the schedule of upcoming classes and workshops.