Judson Brewer speaking

Did you know that mindfulness is currently the most effective treatment for overcoming addictions? It beats the previous gold standard treatment for quitting smoking by double! By the way smoking is, according to the experts, the hardest addiction to give up in the world. It’s harder to give up than cocaine or heroin.

This week lets take a deep dive into the science and practice of mindfulness for addiction with my latest mindfulness masterclass video. In this video I interview Dr Judson Brewer, director of Research at Center for Mindfulness and an internationally known expert in mindfulness training for addiction.

My favorite thing about this session is that Jud isn’t just teaching us about how to stop smoking, drinking or overeating (although those kinds of addictive patterns are important and included). He reveals something deeper. He shows us how this seemingly simple practice of using mindfulness for addiction can also teach us how to untangle ourselves from what is said to be the biggest obstacle to living with awareness – our attachment to craving.

The essence of why this is such an effective way to overcome unhelpful habits is that it’s all about becoming MORE present in the face of craving, instead of getting caught up in it. This is big. This is a game changer.

This is a must see masterclass for anyone who wants to learn how to unwind addictive patterns and unhelpful habits.

In this session you will also learn:

    • The science behind how addictive cycles begin and how we can use mindfulness to break the cycle
    • Why human life is often characterised by a constant sense of wanting more and what it means to find a deeper sense of contentment and happiness
    • A four step process for how to use mindfulness the moment a strong urge or craving arises
    • Where you can find further tools and apps that can be there to coach and support you the moment craving arises

I’m sure you’ll find this video both deeply insightful and very practical.

Enjoy!… and may it bring you more ease, peace and freedom. You’ll find a transcript of this interview below : )


Melli: G’day and it’s Melli here from The Mindfulness Summit and I am delighted to say that the journey is continuing.

So this is the first interview in a series that we are going to release to you, as well some audio episodes as well. You know our intention really is, we got such an incredible outpouring of gratitude and a lot of requests for more after The Mindfulness Summit last year, and we just really want to continue to nourish you on your journey into mindful living.

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Judson Brewer.

Jud is the Director of Research at the Center For Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts. And he is really an internationally known expert in mindfulness training for addiction. He is considered to be a thought leader in the science of self-mastery and he combines 20 years of his own practice of mindfulness with his cutting edge research into the neural mechanisms of mindfulness.I think you’re going to find this conversation both insightful and very, very practical.In this conversation, Jud reveals the science behind how addictive cycles begin and why mindfulness can really help us break free of those cycles. And we also speak about why human life is often characterized by a constant sense of wanting more and how we can become deeply fulfilled and content as a way of being in life. And finally, we also speak about the four-step process that Judson uses to bring mindfulness to any moment when a craving or an urge arises.I hope you enjoy my conversation with Dr. Judson Brewer.

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