I am

What has been, what is and what will be arise and pass away in I am

Total peace is in that knowing

Before time and matter and the unfolding of events there was I am

I am the timeless Tao

Spacious, timeless, unborn, deathless

The one life of the universe unfolds within me

Formless, unknowable, unmoved, unchanging, ever-present

Full to the brim with love

Radiant, limitless, whole

I am underneath every thought, beyond every emotion and before every sense perception

I am here

Vibrantly here

I am now

Life shimmers exquisitely in a sacred dance in my vision

I see my reflection in every leaf, every mountain, every star

My many reflections evoke in me incredible deep love

Love pours forth from my depths

Unfathomable love and peace

Immense love and peace

Sacred love and peace

Fear dissolves

Person dissolves

Desire washed away

So great is the force of this great love and peace

Everything is fresh and new

Everything moving and yet, at its heart, so still

Whole stillness

Silent stillness

I am that stillness

I am

All states of mind arise in me, higher and lower, ignorant and enlightened

I don’t elevate or reject any state

Personalities arise and constantly change in me

They don’t require perfecting

Perfection and imperfection come and go in me

I am needs no perfecting and allows everything

There is nothing to attain

I am whole

I am

Total peace is in that knowing

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