Breath Meditations


On this audio download you will find three breath meditations. The first is a short beginner’s meditation with a lot of guidance. A perfect start to meditation if you’ve never tried it before or if you don’t have much time to devote to practice.

The second is a medium length meditation with a bit less guidance and more spaces in between. The third track is a long practice with much less guidance and a lot of space for you to practice on your own.

An Ideal Progressive 3-Month Breath Meditation Program

An ideal program to become skilled at mindfulness meditation would be to do the short practice, Track 1, for 4 weeks on 6 days of the week. The, continuing with 6 days a week, move to Track 2 for 4 weeks before progressing to the full length meditation which you can do indefinitely as a daily practice.

You can also, of course, progress gradually up through the stages in your own time, at your own pace and change back to the shorter practices when you have less time on any given day.