Mindfulness Summit


The Mindfulness Summit is a comprehensive library of video and audio mindfulness masterclasses, meditations and exercises with over 40+ world leading mindfulness teachers and neuroscientists where you will learn:

  • How to practice mindfulness, from the comfort of your own home.
  • About the clinically proven benefits from neuroscience and premier researchers.
  • Powerful strategies to integrate mindfulness into your daily life.
  • Practical ways to apply mindfulness in specific situations such as at work, in relationships, in parenting and school.
  • How mindfulness can transform anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Various mindfulness practices to discover which you like the best.
  • Learn how to ‘respond’ rather than ‘react’ to life’s challenges, living with more wisdom, vitality and kindness.
  • Key insights to deepen your practice and avoid common pitfalls many people make,
    + much more.


Hosted by Melli O’Brien, The Mindfulness Summit is a not-only-for-profit project with a mission to make mindfulness mainstream. Over $750,000USD has already been donated to mindfulness-based charities and organisations from the proceeds of people upgrading to a full access pass.

The full access pass to The Mindfulness Summit gives you instant lifetime access to:

  • Download and stream over 40 mindfulness video and audio interviews and meditations.
  • Mindfulness podcasts that will enrich your knowledge and guide your journey.
  • Mindfulness quotes that will inspire you to lead a more fulfilled and mindful life.
  • Download and read all video and audio transcripts of interviews and podcasts.

During the Summit you will learn about the clinically proven benefits of mindfulness through these sessions with neuroscientists and premiere researchers:

  • Professor Mark Williams, An Introduction To Mindfulness and 2 Short Meditations for Beginners.
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn, The Deeper Dimensions of Mindfulness Interview and a Livestream Meditation and chat with Jon.
  • Dr. Judson Brewer, Mindfulness For Addiction and Saki Santorelli guides an in depth mindfulness practice.
  • Joseph Goldstein, Practical Guidance On Mindful Living and Overcoming Common Obstacles.
  • Dan Harris, From Skeptic to Meditator. Dan Shares How He ‘Tamed The Voice In His Head’ and How You Can Too.
  • Jono Fisher, Mindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness.
  • Dr. Susan Albers, How to Practice Mindful Eating.
  • Vidyamala Burch, Mindfulness For Chronic Pain and Suffering.
  • Ruby Wax, How Mindfulness Can Transform Depression, Overcome Performance Anxiety and Create A ‘Sane New World’.
  • Tara Brach, How To End ‘The Trance of Unworthiness’ and Move Through Fear.
    + so many more.

Get instant lifetime and instant access to the entire library of interviews, meditations and exercises from the world’s most respected teachers with The Mindfulness Summit by clicking on the Buy Now button above.