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G’day, and thanks so much for reading!

I’m Melli, I’m a mindfulness teacher but first and foremost, a mindfulness practitioner. You can find out more about me here

I originally created this blog as a way to support those who had completed a mindfulness retreat or course with me, but it has now taken on a life of its own. To my delight, many people from all over the world are gaining from the posts. I hope you do as well.

Below I’ve organised the most popular blog posts into a useful guide so you can explore it easily. Enjoy!

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A ‘What, Why & How’ Guide to Mindful Living

What is mindfulness and what could it mean for you? (with links to research and an inspiring video)
How to Practice Mindfulness In 5 Simple Steps (with free audio)
11 ways to integrate mindfulness into daily life
The 8 essential foundations of mindfulness
9 tips on setting up your own mindfulness practice
How mindfulness boosts your health
Harvard research shows mindfulness is the true key to lasting  happiness (cool TED talk vid definitely worth a watch!)
The many names for mindfulness (we’re all saying the same thing with different words)
How to bring ‘mini meditations’ into your day
How to practice ‘walking meditation’
The biggest obstacle to mindful living?

Mindfulness For Specific Challenges & Situations

Mindfulness for addiction
Mindfulness for depression
Mindfulness for stress reduction
Mindfulness for anxiety
Mindfulness for insomnia
7 Ways to use mindfulness with technology (with a short video)
6 Ways to teach mindfulness to children
Mindfulness for pain management
Mindfulness tips for busy people (aka all of us!)

How to use mindfulness to work with negative emotions
How to use mindfulness to overcome negative thinking (for good!)
How mindfulness can stop you being a grumpy bum

More Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness Stories
Mindfulness Quotes 
Poems About Mindfulness
YouTube Videos about Mindfulness

I hope you find these articles helpful.

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  1. Sarah churchward says:

    I need mindfulness in my life but don’t know where to start xxx

  2. Jane Fried says:

    I am registered for 31day program. Cannot get out and in to continue listening , or re-listen–as my schedule allows.
    Are there tech glitches, or can you offer advice for tech-challenged folks?
    This should be easier–should not have to re-register every time!

  3. I am signed up for the mindfulness summit but I’m not getting the emails until late in the day I want to do the at 6 am what can I do. Please help

  4. knew my comment wouldn’t show re: Mental Illness…..Rapid Cycling Bipolar—shame too….such a stigmatized group even in the WELLNESS community…well,,I am now taking LESS anti-anxiety medication because of meditation….one drug off my cocktail….so even though you aren’t sharing some of OUR voices we are listening to yours and it’s helping……

  5. Thank you forma the summit.
    Very interesting.
    I would like to suggest you that if you prepare other summit
    ….could it be posible todo put subtitles un spanish????
    Thank you

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