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Finding Fulfilment in a Frantic World

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Mastering The Art Of Mindful Living Retreat – Easter Lo..

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The Mindful Way Through Grief, Loss & Heartbreak. A 4 Step Process & Free Meditation

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How To Cultivate True Self Esteem, Overcome Fear & Develop Unshakable Confidence: A Masterclass with Tara Brach

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Best Mindfulness Book List For 2017

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Mindfulness, The Most Effective Treatment For Addictions: A Masterclass with Dr Judson Brewer

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What Are You Holding Onto That May Be Causing You More Harm Than Good?

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The Head-Heart-Gut Check In: A Mini-Meditation for Making Wise Choices

Did you know you have one hundred million neurons (also called nerve cells or brain cells) in your intestines? The gut is now being referred to by Read More

Mindfulness Morning Tea – June 2017

Whether you are new to meditation or an experienced practitioner come and join us for a morning of mindfulness in the beautiful yurt at Temple Read More

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