An Exquisite Collection of Mindfulness Poetry

When I teach my mindfulness retreats and courses I like to share poetry, quotes and passages about mindfulness. Mindfulness poetry like this Read More

The 7 Habits of Highly Mindful People (& How to Integrate Them Into Your Life)

The intention to live a more mindful life is continuing to grow and touch an increasing amount of people. In fact 2014 has been dubbed 'the year of Read More

The (5-minute) Mindfulness Video the World Needed to See

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How to Achieve Serenity In the Silly Season

Believe it or not, it is possible to be mindful even in the midst of the silly season – and let's face it, it’s times like this when we need it the Read More

Mindfulness & The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Did you ever see the movie or read the book ‘The Way of the Peaceful Warrior’? There is a scene in this movie that beautifully portrays a dramatic Read More

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