An Exquisite Collection of Mindfulness Poetry

When I teach my mindfulness retreats and courses I like to share poetry, quotes and passages about mindfulness. Mindfulness poetry like this Read More

The 21 Greatest Spiritual Lessons I’ve Learned

Through my study of the world wisdom traditions and my journey into mindful living, I have learned many valuable lessons which have brought me greater Read More

Mindfulness & The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

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The Problem With Spiritual Teachings That You Must Know

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Forget The Past: A Poem

Forget the past. It's just a dream you keep alive by dreaming A balloon that wants to hit the ground and burst But which you keep afloat by Read More

Parable On the Truth About Happiness

I recently heard this very down to earth, modern version of an ancient parable that has been told in many ways, by many ‘spiritual’ teachers. When Read More

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