The (5-minute) Mindfulness Video the World Needed to See

Video is a powerful medium, there’s no doubt about it.  That’s the reason why I was scouring YouTube looking for great videos on mindfulness to share with you all.

Overall I was disappointed with what I could find. Most videos explaining mindfulness were a bit dry or clinical sounding, not at all capturing the feeling of it –  the wholeness, the vibrant aliveness, the mysterious sense of connectedness with life that emerges when we’re truly present for the moments of our lives.

Although I did find a few little treasures here and there I just never quite found the video I was looking for – so I decided I had to create it for you!

I wanted to create a video that gave a basic understanding of mindfulness while at the same time evoking the memory of experiencing it – and having it be inspiring (not dry and clinical!)

So, here it is – This is the ‘what is mindfulness’ video  that was missing, and that I reckon the world really needed to see.

I hope you enjoy it and if you do please share it with your mates and leave your comments and votes on YouTube.

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  1. Joy Buikema Fjærtoft says:

    Interesting video. But do you have a version without the background piano soundtrack? The tempo on that was too fast and ‘stressed’

    • Peter Dass says:

      The best mindfulness video, clarity, total focus, and sincere.

      your video is number one and I have watched all, thank you,

      Peter Dass, Vancouver

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