The Biggest Obstacle to Mindful Living?

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I am happy to report that my article, ‘Our Biggest Roadblock to Mindful Living?’ was selected to be published on the ‘Elephant Journal’ blog this week. Elephant Journal is such an awesome website dedicated to promoting ‘the mindful life’ so I am stoked to join forces with such a great site!

Here is a snippet of the article, which is now featured in their ‘popular’ section on the site….

Our Biggest Roadblock to Mindful Living

Do we want to be productive consumers, “just putting one foot in front of the other” or do we want to be conscious—I mean really fucking alive, drinking in the miraculousness of life here and now?

Yeah, easy choice right?!

Or is it?

Which choice are most of us making every day?

You know what tends to get in the way of mindful living? This whole pain-in-the-butt “I need something more” belief. You know the one right?

The one where we keep dreaming, “I’ll be happy one day when…” The one that keeps us striving and struggling our way through our days looking for the next thing and the next, hoping that this next thing we’re straining at will finally fill us up.

This belief dowses the flame of mindfulness and drowns out the full technicolor 3D aliveness of life and flattens it into a 2D humdrum “just gettin’ by” experience.

I’ve heard every version of this pesky belief (and said a lot of them to myself too).

Do any of these sound familiar?

When I get this car, this holiday, this job or this achievement, maybe that will finally make me happy and whole inside.

When I lose weight, achieve my potential, when I find the right person (which then often becomes when I get rid of this person), when I have kids (which then becomes when the kids leave home), when I retire—then finally I can relax and be at peace and find wholeness.

What’s your own story of “I need something more?”

This unconscious belief is a doozy. It keeps us looking for fulfillment in the 2 places it can never be found. Outside ourselves and in the future.

Want to read the rest? Check on the full article on Elephant Journal

I just want to say a big thanks for reading, and for being part of this growing mindfulness community this year. I’ve enjoyed meeting you, being on retreat with you and getting to know many of you as friends. I look forward to a new year of fun friendship and  growth in 2014!

Love Melli

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