Thanks to research and exposure from the media, mindfulness is no longer hidden in ancient spiritual texts, monasteries and ashrams. Today it is practiced by millions of people the world over.

It is now being taught in schools, in workplaces, in hospitals and in homes all over the world. As people continue to discover for themselves the incredible benefits of living mindfully, the interest continues to skyrocket.

There is now a massive body of research on the benefits of mindfulness. Here are the ‘big twelve’ research-backed benefits of practicing mindfulness….

1) Reduces stress

2) Reduces depression (clinically proven to work as good as medication with no side effects!)

3) Reduces anxiety

4) Reduces destructive emotions (Mindfulness actually shrinks the right pre-frontal cortex of the brain; this is the part of the brain responsible for so many destructive emotions like fear, unhappiness and anger)

5) Reduces insomnia

6) Is effective for pain management

7) Increases happiness and overall quality of life

8) Boosts and sharpens memory

9) Increases focus and attention

10) Improves disease resistance through enhanced immune function

11) Creates clearer, more focused thinking

12) Reduces compulsive and addictive tendencies

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