A New Years Meditation On What Really Matters Most

Happy Holidays! It’s such a potent time of year isn’t it? It’s a time of endings and beginnings as we close one year and begin a fresh new year. Many of us are thinking about new years resolutions and taking stock at this time, but how many of those typical resolutions are just ‘self’ improvement projects (which means we’re trying to get more, be more or have more) rather than ways to actually embrace the life we already have right here and now?

I recently read this article about presence over productivity and it really struck a chord with me. Since we’re coming up to new years eve I found it to be a timely reminder that a life well lived is not about getting stuff, doing stuff and having stuff. It’s about being true to who we are and living our moments and our daily life fully.

As Annie Dillard says “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.” If we’re always trying to get somewhere else, what happens to the moment we’re actually living now? To live a full life we need to be here for it. To live a present life is to live a happy life.

So after reading that article I felt inspired to make a new years meditation and contemplation for you. It’s a short meditation to help you find a little stillness and presence in this moment and to help you get in touch with what matters most for you in 2016.

Thanks so much for being part of this community this year. I am grateful for you being here. Wishing you a joyful celbration New Years Eve and a 2016 filled with peace, presence and adventure. Love Melli x


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  1. Thank you Melli; you have such a lovely way about you…

  2. sally taylor says:

    I thank you for posting this meditation at such a timely moment. We all need to stop, take a breath, take stock (as you say) and breathe our way into 2016. I will share it to my family and friends.

  3. Thank you for this meditation, it has helped me focus on next year from a very different angle.

  4. Thank you for sharing this meditation. I have found myself swept up into a bit of a frenzy the last few days regarding the new year and all that comes with it. I’ve been very stressed and this video helped me bring everything back, slow down, and refocus. My phrase for the new year is to Live More Now. I just had to laugh at myself a little after this, give myself some love and grace, and let it all go. I’m going to just leave all ‘new year intentions’ at that – Live More Now and see what happens as I keep that mantra with me in the present moment. Thank you 🙂

  5. Sylvia Balog says:

    Dear Melli,
    Thank you for this beautiful meditation – I have chosen to write a comment as whilst listening to your words, a well-spring of emotion overcame me and I felt profoundly moved by the concepts you spoke of.
    Although I attended your Mindfulness Summit, I did not comment at the time, however, I would like to thank you and Matt for your insight in making the summit happen – for me, it reinvigorated my practice in so many ways, and I feel I am now on a pathway that will be lifelong. The words of the speakers and your own words Melli have pointed me in so many new directions for inspiring information on mindfulness, and for me has truly deepened and reinforced my commitment to practice. I guess I can’t thank you enough, really, for this!
    In closing, a wish to you and your loved ones for a wonderful New Year, whatever that may encompass – may the joys and difficulties of life bring us understanding of exactly what you spoke of today.

  6. Jane Sloan says:

    Wow Melli, thank you for the meditation on what matters most. When you got to the end of life the tears started as it has made me realise there are only two things that matter to me. I couldn’t see that before, although I suspect I knew deep down I never acknowledged it. This has come at perfect time as I’m about to embark on a year long alcohol free journey and this has reinforced what I need to focus on xx

  7. Betty Davis says:

    Thank you. As I reflected on the meditation I realized that love and good health were what I most desire in the coming year. The rest is useless.

  8. Happy New Year Melli! Thank you for your sharing your support, inspiration and compassionate wisdom. Wishing you a wonderful 2016 🙂

  9. Annie Winchcombe says:

    Thank you Melli for this and for giving us The Mindfulness Summit. I have had so much personal growth, understanding and peace that has come from the sharing of this way of living. I feel I have found a way to seek my answers for the rest of my life. After struggling for many many years with fears and anxieties and dabbling with meditation – but not really understanding it – this has been a beautiful welcome gift. It has opened up a whole new world.

    Thank you with love,
    Annie 🙂

  10. Juhi Saliya says:

    Hi! it was beautiful. Thank you for this mindfulness summit. it was really helpful and i could see its effect on me which was amazing. Thank you so much!!!

  11. What a lovely meditation – thank you. Perfect all over. Thank you. I wish you a great New Year too. : )


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